NEW DELHI: Twitter has halted the provider that enabled users to put up tweets through textual affirm messages, correct about a days after CEO Jack Dorsey’s account used to be hacked by a capability known as sim jacking.

Sim jacking or sim swapping is a create of identity theft which is ready to result in contributors no longer correct losing entry to their social media accounts, but may per chance compromise a individual’s bank accounts and varied sensitive recordsdata.

“We’re temporarily turning off the skill to Tweet through SMS, or textual affirm message, to guard contributors’s accounts,” the microblogging space announced on Thursday thru a tweet posted around 1.10 am from the verified contend with @TwitterSupport.

Twitter CEO account hack highlights dangers of ‘SIM swap’ fraudEven with substantial safety precautions in space, Twitter chief govt Jack Dorsey become the sufferer of an embarrassing compromise when attackers took support watch over of his account on the platform by hijacking his cell phone number. Dorsey become the most contemporary target of so-known as “SIM swap” fraud which enables a fraudster to trick a cell provider into transferring a bunch.

It added that it’s taking the step due to “vulnerabilities that must be addressed by cell carriers and our reliance on having a linked cell phone number for 2-direct authentication (we’re working on bettering this).”

On Saturday, Dorsey’s account used to be “compromised” and a assortment of racist and offensive tweets were posted from his contend with. The microblogging space had admitted that the number “associated to Dorsey’s account used to be compromised due to a safety oversight by the cell supplier” leading to the hack. The formulation “transfers” an gift cell phone number staunch into a brand contemporary sim card. In Dorsey’s case, hackers took support watch over of his number and posted tweets through textual affirm messages straight on his Twitter account.

Twitter has also said that they’re going to reactivate the provider in markets that rely on SMS for legit verbal change rapidly whereas it in fact works on a long-timeframe strategy for this option.

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