03 Dec 2019, 00: 31 IST

Jon Moxley attacked Chris Jericho at Double or NothingAEW Celeb Jon Moxley has published that WWE didn’t contact him after he made some groundbreaking revelations on Chris Jericho’s podcast ‘Focus on is Jericho’ with regards to the motive on the aid of his decision to lunge away Vince McMahon’s company.WWE did no longer contact Jon MoxleySpeaking in an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Jon Moxley was asked whether WWE tried to contact him after his interview with Jericho. Moxley replied by asserting that no-one did and then went on to speak that it was most productive honest for him to speak his aspect of the myth despite every little thing that he had to perform while in WWE.“No, no, I got nothing. I eradicate I am staunch more or much less persona non grata there now, which is resplendent. However I staunch felt relish I did every little thing accurate on the trend out. I gave my physique to that company I did every little thing accurate. I used to be a model worker for them but I also had to exhaust barely a pair of s**t.“I judge it was greater than honest to speak my aspect of the myth about a pair of of that stuff staunch so that now we can open unique, which we did at Double or Nothing.”Hearken to the major episode of The Rosser Rewind with Fred Rosser (fka Darren Younger) and Korey Gunz!Following his departure from WWE and his appearance at AEW’s Double or Nothing, Jon Moxley spoke on Chris Jericho’s podcast and published some improbable issues that made him quit the company.Merely now, he’s on a correct run with AEW and shall be in a feud in opposition to Chris Jericho for the AEW Championship after teasing the prospect in the most fresh episode of Dynamite.

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