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A ‘fart competition’ held on Sunday in Gujarat’s Surat, touted because the country’s First, turned out to be loads of hot air, even though no longer actually, as most efficient three contributors managed to conquer shyness and inhibitions to spend a shot at the three trophies on offer.
They too, however, failed to pass muster after being unable to pass wind, an organiser stated.
Whereas sixty folks had registered to characterize their prowess in letting out “longest”, “loudest” and “most musical” farts at a feast corridor in Vesu divulge, most efficient twenty turned up on Sunday, stated organiser Yatin Sangoi.
Of these, most efficient three took to the stage, in front of 70 folks in attendance along with about a media channels, and ended up failing to “fabricate”, stated Sangoi.
Not one amongst the three trophies were disbursed, he stated, even though the contributors got gift hampers for turning up.
“The contributors were reluctant to pass on stage as they were presumably panicked and had inhibitions as a result of presence of files channels, photographers, folks and loads of others. We had even roped in a firm to fabricate a diverse design to measure the fart parameters,” he stated.
Unfazed, Sangoi stated he planned to preserve up the competition next in Mumbai, complete with chambers to permit contributors to pass wind without the glare of the target audience.
He identified the three “fartists” who took the stage on Sunday as Sushil Jain of Bardoli, Alkesh Pandya of Patan and Vishnu Heda of Surat.

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