Your complete movie, directed and co-written by Ramesh Pisharody, desires to allege the message that there are females who misuse the legislation’s “leniency” in opposition to the gender.

Among varied tips, Ganagandharvan, Mammootty’s most modern film in Malayalam, desires to style a degree: there are females who misuse the special provisions they “revel in” under the legislation, to physique innocent folks and acquire away with anything. To stress this, the film has created the character of a young girl who keeps reminding the target audience, “I’m a lady, they’ll imagine what I declare.”
Your complete speak appears to ranking been written correct to style that level. Needlessly, Mammootty’s character Ullas, main the lifetime of a married ganamela singer, gets entangled in a sham marriage to one other girl to support her acquire an American visa. Athulya Chandra performs Sandra, the kind of girl who slaps a fruit vendor hit by her car, and explains it later as “attack is the ideal defence”. Her motto in life appears to be to advise such theories to whoever listens, after which kind about a extra on the vogue. Indulge in, in case your dad messes up, probabilities are you’ll ranking to staunch now strive to head to The US after which acquire into a sham marriage for it, no varied country would attain.
Director Ramesh Pisharody, who co-wrote the script with Hari P Nair, turns to comedy to focus on this very severe “flaw” within the plan. They furthermore style Sandra convincingly selfish and manipulative, conveying a message that females misuse the legislation’s leniency in opposition to the gender to their revenue. Statistically, such spurious cases are low in quantity and pondering the recognition of the medium and the superstar, the film presents the impact to the frequent viewer that the regulations exist to physique innocent males.
To play the girl characters, nonetheless, Pisharody has introduced in largely unusual actors. Mini, Ullas’s wife, who’s the mummy of an eighth grader, is performed by the 23-year-veteran Vanditha Manoharan. Mini is the sari-clad girl of the home, who gets shouted at by the husband as ‘vivaramkettaval’ for washing his jacket with out asking him, nonetheless who nonetheless appears jubilant till things hasten too grisly and he or she is pressured to react. Vanditha does whatever she can be able to within the sparsely written role. The 12 or 13 year veteran daughter has extra emotions to explicit, getting angry at Ullas, or being embarrassed by him.
Ullas is the underdog, the singer who has never got a likelihood to express in a movie nonetheless sings covers of veteran movie songs on stage after stage. So that you can add to the mediocrity of his life, he is furthermore handled badly by the band mates, gets disregarded when a brand unusual singer comes in, and never makes it substantial. Per chance as a result of crimson-tinted wig and earrings he wore all around the flashback days, when he became once falling in esteem with Mini? The demanding background music is intended to mean probabilities are you’ll emote in these moments; spoiler – it doesn’t.
As if to style up for inserting down his character so badly, Ullas gets “to wed” three females, as per his horoscope, with Harmless performing on masks ideal to level out this substantial truth. 
When he is never any longer all for sham marriages or passing by the kitchen, cracking a line treasure “navodanam (renaissance) means males enter the kitchen”, Ullas is along with his ganamela troupe, even when there might be no longer any singing occurring. Manoj Good enough Jayan performs his closest mate, who’s continuously approached by a marriage broker (Kochu Preman). Suresh Krishna performs a singer who wears ideal white attire and turns into notion to be among the few effectively-written characters. He has a past, a cause in being there –you originate as a lot as fancy the cramped joys by then. Ullas’s subsequent door couple furthermore brings in some humour, with the wife (Shiney Sarah) taking part in a physics professor and always talking in regards to the topic. Then there might be Maniyanpilla Raju, who for some motive, is made to wear spurious protruding teeth. However then, you don’t strive to take a seat up for rational explanations after a degree.
The director jumps between his ‘severe theme’ and his pet speak: comedy. So even all over a scene where a lady makes an strive suicide, he introduces Hareesh Kanaran momentarily to crack silly memoir after silly memoir that makes you prolonged for Sandra’s unusual theories (or else a prolonged energy failure within the movie theatre). Many such characters circulate in and out of the script before probabilities are you’ll even recognise their face – Karamana Sudheer for a cycle inch, Ashokan as a cop for a scientific institution scene, Salim Kumar at some level, mimicry artists for a scene here or there, mad by “laughs”.
Ganagandharvan tries too hard with badly written comedy. Other than the occasional wisecrack or a reference to an veteran movie (the scene with Karaman Sudheer), the film is largely no longer fun. However, whenever you are procuring for mindless (that is, the means to push aside the message that it repeatedly performs out for you) and reasonably effectively-directed entertainment, probabilities are you’ll take a seat via it. 
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