Rapper Drake’s dad Dennis Graham has accused him of lying about their relationship to ‘sell records’. Read on to know why.

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Published: October 9, 2019 08: 28 pm

Drake says he is ‘so grief’ after his dad claimed that rapper lied about their relationship to ‘sell records’.

Rapper Drake wakened grief this day as he revealed in an Instagram Myth after his dad Dennis Graham accused him of lying about their relationship to “sell records.” Drake took to social media and wrote, “Awakened this day so grief man. My father will impart anything to anyone that’s prepared to take rate to him. It’s unhappy when household gets love this, but what is going to we if truth be told enact that’s the folks we’re caught with.” The rapper then went on to account for, “every bar I ever spit modified into the reality and the reality is onerous for some folks to safe.”
The daddy and son started feuding after Drake’s father Graham quashed his tune lyrics which labelled him as an absentee father. On the opposite hand, he additionally ended up accusing Drake of the usage of him to sell records. All of it happened when Graham regarded on Slit Cannon’s radio show. 
Talking about it, Graham had said on the show, “I had a dialog with Drake about that. I constantly been with Drake. I talk about — I compare with him if no longer day by day, then every thoroughly different day. We if truth be told obtained into a deep dialog about that. I said, ‘Drake, why are you saying all of this thoroughly different stuff about me? Man, right here is no longer chilly,’” Graham revealed to Slit. 

He then added that Drake reportedly admitted it saying, “He [said], ‘Dad, it sells records.’ Uh-okay. Okay, effectively chilly,” Graham told Cannon. On the opposite hand, Drake clarified saying right here is grand from the reality. Drake has made references to his childhood in his tune — particularly his dad’s absence on the notice “Scrutinize What You’ve Accomplished”.

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